Pre Fabricated Duct

Spiral Ducting

We ensure to fabricate our entire range in tandem with the set industry norms, so that energy efficient. Widely demanded in numerous industries, these spiral ducts find application in warm air heating, fume and dust extraction and pneumatic conveying. Furthermore, the perimeter of round ducting system is less by 20% or more of same cross section of rectangular ducting and the area of ducting and insulation required is less by the same percentage.

  • Energy efficient
  • Cost less to install
  • Requires less space
  • Need less hangers
  • Operation cost lower
  • Installation simplified
  • Cleaning less complicated
  • Airflow measurement easier
  • Light in weight
  • Air conditioning (including high pressure and high velocity air distribution systems)
  • Ventilation (industrial & tunnel)
  • Warm air heating
  • Fume and dust extraction
  • Pneumatic conveying
  • Exhaust and air intake pipes
  • Humidification
  • Thickness : 0. 50mm (26g) to 1.25mm (18g)
  • Thickness of spiral ducts as per SMACNA
  • HVAC duct construction standards
  • Diameter: 75mm to 1600mm
  • Length: unlimited
  • Material: galvanized steel, aluminum, mild steel, (CRCA), stainless steel, etc
  • Surface constructions: plain or corrugated (to increase the rigidity of the ducting by 300%)
Duct Fittings [Elbow, Reducers, End caps, Offsets, etc.,] with standing seam are manufactured on high speed and high accuracy machines like CNC Plasma Cutter, Gore Locker, Button Locker, Roll Former Stitch Welder etc.

Rectangular Duct TDF

Excel Air Systems is the leading manufacturer of TDF Ducts with Highly sophisticated CNC Auto Duct Forming Machines Under the Brand name of Excel Air. These ducts are 4-Bolted Transfer Duct Flange(TDF) System. 
Excel Air Systems knows the duct work is the crucial part of timely completion of HVAC Projects. Delay in duct work cause various implication in the projects.
Excel Air TDF Ducts are conforming to International HVAC Standards such as SMACNA, IS, DW144 etc.
Benefits of  TDF Ducts
  • Very Low Leakage
  • Quick Production
  • Quick Installation
  • Ducts are made from Coils instead of sheets thus ducts will be properly aligned after installation
  • Low Wastage.